How to get a zipper unstuck on a backpack? – 4 Steps



How To Get A Backpack Zipper Unstuck

In this blog post, we are about to embark on a journey of ‘unstucking’ the stubborn backpack zippers. We will walk you through a step-by-step guide filled with practical, easy-to-follow tips, and tricks.

Using simple household items such as a pencil, tweezers, and everyday lubricants, we will show you how to effectively wrestle that zipper back into compliance.

Quick answer to “How to get a zipper unstuck on a backpack?“: Check for fabric or other obstructions caught in the zipper, then use tweezers or a safety pin to gently remove any snags; next, rub a pencil (graphite) along the teeth of the zipper to lubricate it, and if that doesn’t work, apply a small amount of a household lubricant like soap, petroleum jelly, or wax, moving the zipper back and forth to distribute the lubricant and ease its movement.

Before getting the tips and answers on how to free your zipper, remember that using your hulk-like muscles can cause permanent belongings, so you should avoid doing this.

So it is easy to free your zipper by using the household items like pencil, tweezers, and some form of lubricants like star bite.

Tweezers and Safety Pins

how to get a backpack zipper unstuck

A common cause of the stuck zipper issue can sometimes be the fabric surrounding the zipper’s teeth. So look closely in the area where the zipper is stuck and check any obstacle or snag that may attach to the zipper.

How can you tell if it’s a snag?

If the zipper not to move, it may be caused by the material. However, snags are usually to blame when the zipper entirely refuses to move.

Fix the snag

Now you have to find the material that causes the zipper’s impending movement, so grab the fabric in the direct vicinity slowly pull it in the opposite direction of the way the zipper moves.

If you have trouble grabbing the material too well, try a pair of tweezers to grip the fabric better.

If you still face the stuck issue, try to push the fabric stuck inside the teeth with the needle-like object similar to safety pins.

Try moving the zipper back and forth.

Maintain a solid grip and hold on to the fabric and pull the zipper up and down. If you have pulled the zipper back and forth in this way, you may be able to release the material.

Find a pencil

Looking for a pencil, make sure that you don’t take a particular type of pencil or a worst, a pen. Grab a wooden pencil you usually use in your school.

Quick facts 

  • Pencils are not made of lead but are made of graphite. Graphite is commonly known as pencil lead.
  • Graphite great work on dry lubricants.
  •  Put the tip of the pencil to the zipper of teeth and rub it.
  • So hold the zipper together with one hand and rub with each other. Doing this until you see the graphite in the teeth of the zipper.
  • Not try the tip of the pencil break. Once the graphite is put in the zipper’s teeth, it will make it easy to lock and unlock.
  • So now you have coated the teeth try sliding now; slowly pull the zipper a couple of times.
  • After sometimes slowly pulling, the zipper should move freely. After finished this process, you can clean the graphite of the bag and teeth.
  • Remember that you don’t use too much strength and damage your backpack.
  •  If it doesn’t work, then you rub more graphite on the zipper and gently pull the zipper in both directions until its release.

Find a Lubricant

A lubricant is such a material that can help to reduce the friction of the zipper. It also helps to remove the dirt and dust from the zipper teeth.

Common household lubricants:

  • Bar of soap
  • Chapstick
  • Windex
  • Wax candles
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Crayons
  • Lip balm
  • Any slick substance

First, you will apply a tiny amount of lubricant to the teeth of the zipper.

Adding more lubricant and moving the zipper, pull back and forth. So moving the zipper along and around will help the oil get a dipper in the teeth.

If you want to use an oily substance like petroleum jelly, try to use a cotton swab to prevent spills or smearing.

Once the lubricant applies to try to move the zipper gently and see it; if the lubricants are working well, the zipper should be back to normal. If the zipper is steel stuck so again apply this process.

Prevent future obstructions

If you find the answer on how to get a backpack zipper unstuck, you can take some additional steps. You can also stitch holes, iron fabric, cut any loose threads and smooth any wrinkle that may occur over time.

It is essential to keep the zipper line away from all material to prevent future snags.

Keep clean the zipper if you have to find the residue or dirt on the zipper teeth. So can use the soft soapy, and damp cloth to clean the residue.

If you have already a favorite backpack that’s growing in age,so it may be helpful for you to do this to keep the zipper working overtime.

Suppose you did not find the solution of how to get a backpack zipper unstuck. Then you will go to the tailor and who can fix this problem for a few fees.

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